QuickBuild Homes are for everyone

Designed with you in mind!

QuickBuild Homes are designed for warmth, strength, affordability, low maintenance and ease of construction.

This makes them very suitable for:

Rental Investors 

With the new WOF for rentals and high costs of upgrading existing older houses, it often makes sense to demolish an old rental and replace with a higher value new home, or 2 houses on an existing section to make better use of the space!

  • Quick replacement for damaged & destroyed property

  • Very cheap to run for tenants

  • No gib means less to repair

  • Strong, with aluminium window and door reveals in place of timber

  • Easy to assemble one on a back section with narrow access

  • Low risk of high cost drug de-contamination

  • Short build time

  • Start earning rent within weeks of purchase!

First-time Buyer

  • Economical to run

  • All new fittings

  • Very affordable

  • En-suite bathroom

  • Low-Maintenance

  • Warm and dry in winter (Lower power bills and lower medical bills)

  • Everything Included

  • Easy to clean


Farm Workers Houses.

  • Very durable

  • Easy to clean walls

  • Easy to move with a truck if required later


  • Affordable

  • Eco friendly

  • Short Build time

  • Suitable for High Corrosion Zones, Snow Loadings and Seismic Ratings.