QuickBuild Homes

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from $1000 +GST per square meter

Everyone should have their own new, quality home

At an AFFORDABLE price

Reinventing Living Standards

Improve the quality of living


No longer does a new home have to break the bank!
We offer the BEST PRICE on new houses in NZ

Easiest Kit-Set

Your new QuickBuild Home is undeniably the EASIEST kit-set in New Zealand to assemble and maintain.

Build in Weeks

Our builders can assemble a 95sqm model home in
4 to 6 weeks.


With an insulation rating of R3.9 to floor, walls and roof, your home is 200% warmer than building code standard.

No Licensed Builder Required

The assembly of a QuickBuild Home does not require a Licensed Building practitioner (LBP)*

Fast-Track Your Project

With our pre-approved national building consent from MBIE, you can get consent in only 10 days.

Everything Included

From Piles to Carpets, we supply everything, including Curtains, Oven, Heat-pump and Vinyl.


Your new home is engineered to be incredibly tough, withstanding fire, flood, quake, hurricane and physical abuse

Eco - Friendly

Near-zero waste from manufacturing and building. Our Materials are 100% recyclable, unlike treated timber, GIB and standard insulation.

Low - Maintenance

Panels require minimal maintenance, can easily be cleaned and can withstand all the indoor-soccer you can throw at it!

 *See "Who can Build" for more information!

A name you can trust

Statistics New Zealand report 61,860 construction firms were in business as at February 2018. 
Between February 2017 and February 2018, 7,038 construction firms went out of business and 8,277 were established. 
In 2017/18, construction firm owners faced a 12% chance that within one year, their firm would have ceased trading. 
Of construction firms established in 2008, 22 per cent remained in trade 10 years later. 

Hometime Ltd was established Feb 2007, so we are in the top 22% 
(Source: Statistics New Zealand, New Zealand Business Demography Statistics for February 2018.) 

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Your New Home!

Pick from one of our carefully engineered designs to find the house you need today!

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Paperwork - Help!

To make the process faster, we'll even help you fill out your building consent forms step-by-step.

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What Do You Get?

What comes in the QuickBuild Kit-Set?
We're glad you asked!
Find out exactly what we include with your purchase.